Special Educational Needs, Additional Support & Early Intervention in Tameside

Whilst most children and their families in Tameside are able to have a good quality of life with minimal additional support from public services, some families may find life more challenging for a variety of reasons.

At different times in their lives, children, young people and their families may need additional support and help from some universal, targeted and specialist services. All children in Greater Manchester undergo 8 stages of assessment between the ages of 0 to 5years.

Through evidence-based assessments, it can be possible to identify developmental concerns at an early stage. This means interventions identified to support children’s learning and development. Identifying and arranging interventions at an early stage can reduce the impact of concerns later on. Assessments are completed by different early year’s professionals such as Health Visitors, Community Nursery Nurses, Early Years Workers at Children’s Centres or Practitioners within a childcare setting etc.

Interventions will depend on your child and family needs, but examples of an intervention might include support from the Tameside Portage Service or a referral to Speech and Language or ISCAN (Integrated service for children with additional needs).