Some parents find breastfeeding easier than others and ALL parents will tell you there are good days and more difficult days. However with good support you can achieve your own #BreastfeedVictory.

Those single feeds that take you further along your journey will over time, become huge milestones that mean the world.

And we mean EVERY feed is a victory; the day feeds, the night feeds, every single moment, every single feed should be celebrated. The snuggly ones, the painful ones, the first ones, the exhausted ones and the ‘I didn’t think I could do this’ ones.

Whether it be taking your first steps to educate yourself on breastfeeding, supporting a new parent with information or simply celebrating someone else’s victory we can all make a different to empower and support those around us.

Breastfeeding Blogs

Liberty's Breastfeed Victory

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Breastfeeding Support in Tameside

Home-Start Infant Feeding Team

Offers information and support to establish breastfeeding through antenatal workshops, home visits, telephone support and groups where parents can come together.

Telephone: 07802 883947,
7 days per week, 9am – 6pm

NHS Community Infant Feeding Team.

Contact your local Health Visiting Team. Community feeding clinics for unresolved feeding issues (breast and formula fed babies) contact by email:

National Breastfeeding Helpline

after 6pm – 9.30pm on 0300 100 0212